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Silver Filling Removal


Silver Filling Removal

Removal Of Silver Filling

Although there has been no research which indicates that silver mercury fillings are detrimental to your dental health, we have seen a lot of problems that take underneath the old fillings. These cannot be easily noticed from the surface or with X-Rays, and is basically to do with cracks in your teeth and decay getting under the old fillings. Since silver fillings are opaque to X-Rays, the cavity under the filling cannot be seen until they become quite evident. We have found that in the absence of X-Rays, just 50% of the activities can be seen, while 80-85% can be seen if X-Rays are used. Even then, close to 20% of cavities cannot be seen.

With time, old silver fillings get cracked, leading to a continuous cavity under the filling. This may result in root canal therapy and a requirement for a crown. Silver fillings that are broken can be replaced conservatively with composite resins or an additional silver filling. Porcelain onlays are used to replace large silver fillings.

Natural-Look Fillings

For natural-look fillings, we use composite resin, which is available in a wide variety of shades. They can be sculpted and molded to create any contour or shape-keeping in mind the objective of creating the best match for your other teeth with respect to tone and proportion. The resin is secured so that a seal gets formed to reduce any chances of leaking, which is the most major problem with silver fillings.

NOTE: We use an intraoral camera to show you the tiny and obscured cracks in your silver fillings. Contact us now to get a complementary consultation.

And coming to the new technological aspect….Get a direct preview of how our experts can improve your smile. We have a new interactive software program through which we can download your present image and create a new picture following the treatment.

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